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With Tongkat Ali You will experience:

  • Strongest and sustained erections
  • Improved sexuality
  • Better orgasm
  • Increased vitality



Your Testosterone levels will start to increase. In addtion, you will feel an increase in libido and sexual desire. After about 2 weeks you will feel an increase in muscle mass.



Your sexual desire will increase. You will have strengthened erections and prolonged sexual intercourse. You will feel improvement in your performance and satisfaction.



You might start experience morning erections. Your partner suppose to start to feeling the improvement in quality of the sexual activity.

Weeks 10+

You will achieve maximum of strong and prolonged erections, improved sexuality, better orgasm and increased vitality. As an added benefit you will have increase in basic metabolism, invigoration of the immune system, higher energy levels and a positive effect on the body as a whole.

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Tongkat Ali Man Power guarantees the highest quality, the highest extract strength and optimal dosage of Tongkat Ali!

You can find many supplements on the market today containing Tongkat Ali in different levels of concentration (1:50, 1:100) which definately won't have any impact on your body because of the low extract concentration. Most of Tongkat Ali dietary supplements are manufactured in Asia in unsanitary conditions and without any inspection. These Tongkat Ali products may be infected with Salmonella and can cause a lot of helath damage.

We are proposing the most potent high quality Tongkat Ali Root extract 1:200 manufactured by FDA approved facility in USA.

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Best Quality Tongkat Ali


Millions of mens worldwide, who strive to improve their sex life, use Tongkat Ali, at all ages. Tongkat Ali Man Power allowes them to boost testosterone, increas libido and sexual satisfaction.

Customer's Testimonials:

“After the second week I started feeling horny and also my morning erections came back. My sex drive is like I’m 18 again and I feel great! “

Robert S. Sidney, Australia

“Half a year ago I started using Tongkat Ali Man Power and now I have no problems with my sexual life.”

John N. Queens NY

 “I am 56 years old. I’ve been taking Tongkat for 3 months. I was pleasantly surprised by its effect. I've got a sexual drive, my potency increased, erection strengthened, in general, I’ve become a normal man!”

Matt R. Atlanta, GA

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We guarantee an unconditional, full money tongkat money backback. If you have been taking the pills as instructed and you are not 100% satisfied with Tongkat Ali Man Power products, please send all bottles back to us within 60 days and we will fully refund your money. No questions asked.

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All your purchases we will ship worldwide for Free tongkat free shiping.The product arrives via registered mail, in an unmarked package so that your privacy will not be jeopardized. Discretion is applied throughout the process. Shipment will be done from our offices in USA. Delivery through USPS Frist Class Mail.

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Tongkat Ali assist in Prolonged Erections, Increases Sexuality And Increases Vitality, Improves Orgasm And General Strength

Tongkat Ali assists in the natural process of creating Testosterone in the body. It improves the flow of blood to the male sex organ. The result of it will be unusually strong erection and increased vitality.

Tongkat Ali has a positive effect on your body as a whole. The roots of Tongkat Ali have the ability to raise the Testosterone levels in the blood. The Testosterone increases the sensitivity in sexual organs and creates a prolonged erection and plenty of vigor for sperm production. Raising and maintaining a correct Testosterone levels helps in reducing fat cells and increasing muscle mass.

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Tongkat Ali Root also known as Euricoma Longifolia best product for better Sexual Performance 

Euricoma Longifolia is the scientific name of this flowering plant from Malaysia. Tongkat ali has been used by the locals, for hundreds of years, to improve their sex drive, vitality and sexual performance. Out of the plant the root is the most potent part and our supplements, made from the root extract, are the best in the world. 

Tongkat Ali Man Power consists of pure Tongkat Ali extract and it is a strong, original and unique food supplement that is 100% natural.

While looking where you can get Tongkat Ali, you don't need to travel to Malaysia. You can order it here on the website and we will shep it to you for free.

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Tongkat Power - Best Results for Affortable Price.

  • The most patented Indonesian Tongkat Ali Root Extract 1:200 in 500mg capsules

  • 100% pure and natural Tongkat Ali extract from old roots only.

  • Save for all ages with no side effects

  • Tongkat Power Manufactured by FDA approved facility in USA with GMP certification

  • Worldwide free shipment from USA

  • 100% unconditional money back guaranty protection.

  • Amazingly low discounted price for such quality, concentration and amount of Tongkat Ali

  • Free one month supply for every order of two or more bottles.

  • Tongkat Power is natural, herbal and does not contain prescription ingredients.

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Tongkat Ali - Best Male Enhancer For Young And Old If you are young or old and suffer from:

  • Fertility problems, impotence, limp erections.

  • Decrease in libido.

  • Unsustained erections, premature ejaculation.

  • Decrease in count or quality of semen.

  • Decrease in orgasms.

  • General fatigue, decrease in muscle mass.

  • Inability to perform frequently.

  • Exhaustion and fatigue after intercourse.

  • General malaise and depression.

It is high time to start using Tongkat Ali – The natural supplement without chemical additives.

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